It is estimated that around 44 million Americans experience some form of mental illness, and about 30% of them received treatment at any given time. And perhaps one of the things holding the rest of that number back from receiving mental health treatment is that these things are talked about very much, and they might have questions about the types of therapy they might undergo.

Counseling in Palatine IL should never be scary, and the Lotus Wellness Center is aiming to answer as many questions that their clients have, so that they can make mental healthcare more readily available. And the more it’s talked about, the more it’s going to be considered socially acceptable to seek out care.

One such type of therapy that somebody might undergo is called cognitive behavioral therapy otherwise shortened as CBT and it is based upon the idea that if you make a change to your behavior by identifying the behaviors that you need to change because they are negative, coming up with a plan to do so in keeping to that plan, you can create a whole new person. This type of therapy is both short-term and goal-oriented because the patient and their counselor must work together to create a list of behaviors that they need to change.

This type of therapy is very hands-on and often is focused on being quite structured so that you can identify and change these patterns of behaviors and thought processes, via homework assignments, records of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and talking openly with your therapist.

Dialectical behavioral therapy is another one, and this is developed to treat patients who have suicidal thoughts or ideations, but it has also proven to be effective in treating other disorders such as borderline personality disorders and other mood-related disorders. This is designed to help patients realize their thoughts and behaviors are just not right for whatever provoked the mood, or reaction, and this therapy is designed to teach these patients how to cope and ensure they are responding to their surroundings in an expected measure.

What therapy looks like for the session when you go for counseling is that the patient is going to focus on problem-solving, and interpersonal skills and they will often receive homework to monitor and evaluate their behavior with their counselor.

Family therapy identifies issues within a family because families are not just some of how many people are in the family but how the family is running as a unit. Family therapy often treats the entire family as a system with unique dynamics that no other system has, which means that every single therapy session you have is going to be focused on your family’s issues and solving the moves. Family therapy can address addiction, interpersonal conflicts, and much more but it always focuses on the family together as a unit.

Group therapy is very useful for anybody that wants to explore their challenges and conflicts with other people who are in a supportive group like setting, and it’s great for depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, and more.