How to Tell Family You’re Getting a Hair Transplant

If you’re considering getting a hair transplant, you might wonder if you should tell your family members or not. While you want to be honest with everyone, you may worry about your family members making negative comments or dissuading you from getting the procedure. That’s perfectly understandable. However, because a hair transplant is still a surgical procedure, it’s a good idea to let your loved ones know. As a hair transplant doctor, Dr. Robin Unger, is familiar with, there are several approaches you can take to explain your procedure. Here are some tips for telling your family about getting a hair transplant.

Explain Why You’re Getting a Hair Transplant

Some people are against getting surgery if it isn’t medically necessary. That’s why it’s important to explain in full detail why you want to get a hair transplant. For example, if your hair loss is affecting your self-esteem so much that you’re having problems in your professional personal life, tell your family that. Once they understand how important this procedure is to you, they may be more accepting of it.

Assure Them That the Procedure Is Safe

It’s true that all surgical procedures carry some degree of risk, so your family members may be concerned for you. However, if you go to a reputable hair transplant surgeon, your risk of complications is minimal. Explain to your family that you did a lot of research on skilled hair transplant surgeons in your area and found the right one. Reassure them that the risks are minimal and you believe that you will come out of the surgery just fine.

Allow Them to Ask Questions

If you tell your family that you’re getting a hair transplant, they’ll likely have several questions to ask. For example, they might wonder what the recovery process is like or if you’ll have a lot of pain after the procedure. It’s important to let them ask all the questions they need to and then answer them accordingly. 

Be Assertive But Respectful

During your conversation about your hair transplant procedure, there might be one or two family members who are completely against it and try to convince you not to get it. However, if you know in your heart that a hair transplant procedure is the right choice for you, don’t let anyone discourage you from getting it. Continue to say that you’ve made your final decision about the procedure and won’t be changing your mind.

Bring a Wing Man

If you have a friend or family member who understands and supports your decision to get a hair transplant, bring him or her to your family discussion. Having someone there who truly understands your decision might make things less uncomfortable. This person might also be able to illustrate your points in a better way to your family.

If you’re thinking about getting a hair transplant, consult with a hair transplant surgeon.