Should we consider couples counseling?


Even the strongest of relationships can go through rough times. For many couples, working through the difficulties brings them closer than ever. When relationships don’t work out, not only are the partners affected; if there are children involved, they are likely to be impacted and sometimes it is worse for them emotionally than the parents. If a couple agrees that the relationship is not worth saving they may not make the effort of attending counseling. However, for those who do, regardless of the challenges in the relationship, it can often be saved with the help of a couples counselor. At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, couples counseling is available to those who wish to improve their relationship and to work on the issues they’re facing.

If you and/or your partner are unsure of whether or not couples counseling is right for you, there are red flags that often signify that it’s time to reassess the relationship and make decisions about it. Here are a few of the most common signs as explained by an experienced Mclean VA therapist.

1.    Communication between partners has consistently turned negative. This can result in one or both people feeling anxious, depressed, emotionally withdrawn, angry, or experiencing other emotions. It’s also not unusual for one or both to feel a roller coaster of emotions. One of the dangers of negative communication is that it can elevate to verbal, emotional, and physical abuse. Couples counseling can help work through negative communication with the help of a therapist who can provide the tools each partner needs in order to have a healthier dialogue. This in turn can lead to a healing process within the relationship.

2.    A current or past affair on the part of one or both partners. The discovery that one’s partner has cheated on them may be irreparably harmful to the relationship. However, with the will and desire to repair the relationship, it is possible to work through this difficult chapter. Couples counseling can establish a safe place to begin trusting one another again. A counselor can also be helpful if the couple wishes to terminate their relationship but wants to do so in as healthy a way as possible.

3.    The couple’s relationship feels more like roommates than lovers or partners. If the physical and emotional intimacy has died, the connection may be lost temporarily, or it may be permanent and time to move on. Very often, a lack of healthy communication in a relationship can lead to distancing from one another. This can cast ripples across a pond and gradually, the two may not even remember that they were once in love. Couples counseling can trigger the original spark into a flame once again, and help the partners fall in love all over.

A couples counseling therapist is an excellent resource that can work with one or both of you to find clear strategies for growth and change.